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I used to have to log onto CL every morning and spend time copying my ads to the site. Then usually they’re off the top within a few hours and then I have to do it all over again! CL Ad Blaster now allows me to just click one button in the morning and be at the top of the list all day. It’s saved me so much time I can spend it doing my cell repairs instead. Thanks!

Stuat M.

I work for a commercial office/executive suites company. Part of my daily duties besides clerical work is to post our listings on CL. I used to post literally 100’s of ads a day. Then I found real estate ad blaster and I post a listing once and it automatically runs. I upload our listings and set the software to run and I’m able to get my other work done. We get calls all the time from potential clients that say we see you all over CL. Thank you for inventing this.

Andrea C.

This program will save you lots of time and money. The posting software runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What would it cost to have someone manually monitor your ads and place ads for you 24/7 days a week?

When I was posting ads on CL I would always run into flagging and ghosting issues but CL Ad Blaster allowed me to avoid that problem completely. Now I can post ads every day with no issues.

suzzana g

I use CL Ad Blaster to sell Rims & Tires for my business and it has been the best because it was so reliable at posting ads on CL with no worries. I’m still amazed to this day & recommend it to everyone.

Jacob S.

I sell furniture and I always had trouble posting ads until the CL Ad Blaster came along and saved the day. Now I don’t have to worry about spending all day long posting ads manually. CL Ad Blaster is my new best friend. It never lets me down!

Emli W.

Wow! I am so impressed with CL Ad Blaster. It’s one of the greatest tools and helped my auto dealership business grow immensely.

Henry B.