Market Your Business on Craigslist With Insightful Marketing Tips

Market Your Business on Craigslist With Insightful Marketing Tips

Ever since Craig Newmark set up in 1996, it has gone from strength to strength. Today it is a global platform to facilitate individual transactions and it has also become a platform for small business owners to push their products. There are over 300 categories of classified ads and over 10 million users worldwide access If, as a small business owner, you are not yet on craigslist, do not waste time. Read these tips to market on craigslist and start.

On craigslist – Anything sells

If you are providing a service or a product, craigslist is the ideal platform to get customers in the geographic region where you are located. You can just as well target buyers in other regions by placing classified ads on craigslist in each location. You can sell new or used goods and set up franchisees, promote your online store and gain in the process.

Location Matters

One of the chief advantages of craigslist is that it offers location based deployment of classified ads. This means your ad is not lost among dozens of others and people who are searching for a product or service in a specific location will find you with ease. You can post an ad by selecting the city where you are located and craigslist will facilitate posting in nearby cities in the same geographic location.

Caveats: You must first understand craigslist norms about spam and over posting, which might get you blacklisted.
Workaround: Repost ads but change the wording or angle of approach of service name or product name. Delete all old ads before you post new ones.

Creative ads win more Customers

Each hour there are dozens of people posting dozens of ads. Getting noticed depends on being creative with text and use of images. Make sure to include key words that you think possible buyers use in their searches. A well captured image will speak volumes about your product and enhance effectiveness of your ad. Simply click on “upload image” during the posting process.

Know Craigslist search function – Focus on Keywords

Search engines have their own algorithm. Craigslist uses its own. The search results are based on date and the keyword. This means you must emphasize use of keywords. It also means that you must keep on reposting your ads in order to be at the top in search results.

Keep track of your Craigslist ads and their performance

Search engines may provide analytic tools. Craigslist does not. You have to develop your own method to keep track of ads and their responses in order to fine tune strategies and wording.

Timing is the key

When you post is important. People might usually refer ads in the morning so posting at this time ensures your ad stays on top and is found. It is no secret that ads at the top get maximum click-throughs.

Get Informative -Use Craigslist forums

Your ads can say only so much. Participate in the community forums and explain in detail what you are about and what your products’ special points are. Feedbacks and responses to these enhance your image and create an aura of trust.

As you proceed you will discover even more ways to leverage Craigslist power of sales for small businesses. We hope these Craigslist Marketing Tips will help you to get more customers.