SEO and Internet Marketing made simple for all – part1

SEO and Internet Marketing made simple for all – part1

You will often mark that laughing videos of kids or effective body fitness videos or blogs grab lots of social media shares, comments, and views without any kind of SEO optimization. Have you ever thought of the reason behind it? Well, we all actually know the answer- connectivity, entertainment, effectiveness and just being real are the attributes that make these videos grab all the eyeballs!

When we try to impose something which is against the viewers’ choice or liking, we generally find it difficult to convey our message and reach out to our target audience in the real sense of the term. Very few of us will possess the skills to understand, analyze and harness the viewers’ thought process in a proper way. For a handful of adept individuals, these skills come naturally and they may not need anybody’s help to promote their stuffs. All they do is simply create a video adhering to the real scenarios; write the content and then share with others on social media and in this way, their natural ability to connect catapults them to the topmost positions in their marketing niches.

If online marketing is that simple, why do many find it difficult? The difference lies in the thought process and in the content. We all appreciate interesting stuffs depending on our area of interest, field of business and knowledge. When the content presented fails to serve its purpose, marketing fails too. If the content is irrelevant, boring, trash, duplicate or sluggish, internet marketing and promotional endeavors are likely to fail.

To combat this issue of not getting enough attention in the online arena, internet business owners and internet marketing enthusiasts move on to hire SEO experts. If the hired person is a dedicated and experienced professional, then only he or she will be able to channelize the business into the right marketing track or else it could turn into a total disaster for you.

Effective valuable content
Effective valuable content is no one thing you would want on your website to attract site visitors. Now, writing engaging content about your business, product or service is not a child’s play. You need to have a good writing hand to be able to write valuable, catchy content. If you come to realize that ‘writing’ is actually not your cup of tea, you may go ahead and hire someone who is expert in that particular field. But make sure to discuss each and everything with your writer. Try to make detailed notes about your services and products without missing out on any point and share it with your writer. Try to give your personal insight and knowledge to your customers through your site content.

You can basically provide content in the form of text, images, short videos and pod casts. The whole idea behind creating content lies in being passionate about what you are doing and presenting on the web.

Website is required and is no doubt, an essential thing; it’s like your online business address. Along with website, social media pages are needed too. Your social media pages should be well maintained and regularly updated. Share all those stuffs that your audience would be interested in sharing with others. Discount offers, coupons, nice images, upcoming events, latest happenings are the things you could share and of course you need to do it creatively enough.

Do you know what kind of videos work?
Someone having martial arts training academy for instance, may create high quality, well explained martial arts tutorial videos clearly explaining exercises and defense tips. Such informative videos may definitely work the wonders. In fact, video is something that can make or break your reputation. So, you should not compromise on video quality.

If you are not skilled enough in making videos, you can hire someone professional but that may prove to be a little expensive. Another option is to get a freebie for cheap. The best thing however would be to expand your own knowledge on business video creations.

Social media marketing
Everything interesting and awesome works on Social networks. Your marketing and promotional success rates on world renowned social sites such as facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbler depend on your brand value and the way you present your brand. Share your knowledge, tips, and make people aware of the mistakes they could make in the same field as yours. Connect with them, answer their queries; if someone requests for telephonic conversation, go for it. In other words, try to build relationships on social networks and you may soon see conversion of your audience into potential customers.

Try Email Marketing
Email marketing is another important success idea. You could hire someone from platforms like Upwork or freelancers to collect business email addresses related to your niche, product or service. That person will be required to search relevant business websites and collect emails in order to send messages in their contact us forms thereafter. This kind of email marketing strategy works if carried out in a very positive and thoughtful manner.  For non business general sites, you can search across location specific email databases and send them email messages. Quality image and email content are very important from the conversion point of view.

Publish Classifieds on free and paid sites
Classified marketing is a great source fetching in direct customers. Publish offer ads, service and product ads time to time in various national and international classified sites. Certain classified sites have specific publishing rules. So, try to go through the rules prior to submission. That will minimize the chances of rejection. Some of the most popular sites where you could try publishing your classifieds are Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree, Kijiji, OLX, Ebayclassifieds and Oodle.

Discussion Forums and Communities
Discussion forums & communities are a place where you can discuss on a particular niche with other members. Best thing about being part of a community is that you can share your knowledge and ideas and receive the same in return. Search communities based on your business or field of knowledge and become an active member, ask questions and reply to a fellow member’s concerns. Write a blog and ask your community members to reply to your blog.

Offline community event
Take your relationship one step ahead by organizing an event and inviting community members, value customers and other associates to the event. This will help you to develop fruitful business relationships and influential contacts which may further you on your path of online marketing and later fetch in profits for you.

There are plenty of other ideas and techniques to share on Internet Marketing and Business development. But I think these are enough to start with…Good Luck