Trouble Shooting Ad Flagging

Trouble Shooting Ad Flagging

Make sure you don’t have any content which violates Craigslist terms and conditions, normally we see phone numbers in ads, websites, or ads just advertising the store and such (promotional ads), ads with statements which could be considered false (e.g. best store very, best product very) Make sure it is a specific ad for a specific product for sale.

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My ads are getting flagged on Craigslist what should I do?

I hear this question all the time. Here are my questions for you:

How often are you posting?

If you’re posting more than every ten minutes that could be why you’re getting flagged. Try posting every 10 to 15 minutes

Are you working your renewals?

Renewals are just as good if not better then new ads. They have already been accepted by CL and they are harder for other users to flag for removal. I suggest renew all ads over 48 hours old first, then post your new ads.

Do you have unique titles and unique descriptions on all your ads?

CL’s filters have become so sensitive, you are no longer going to get away with posting the same repetitive ads over and over again. You need unique titles and unique descriptions for all your ads now.

How old is your Craigslist Account?

If you’re posting often from a CL account it should stay good for around 90 days. If you start to notice that more than half your ads aren’t sticking then it might be time for a new Craigslist account.

Could other users be Flagging you?

If you suspect that other users/competition are flagging you here are a couple of tips.
Keep your contact details out of the body or description of your ads. Leave all your contact info/company info in the contact button of your ad. That will keep auto flagging software from picking up key words to flag like your company name, phone number and email address. If you suspect other users are flagging you and not Craigslist you might try posting at night, instead of during the day. If your ads are staying up at night, you can bet that it’s another user flagging you.

Are you using words like service, finance, and repair in your ads?

CL filters are designed to pick up and auto flag ads in the for sale section that use words like service, finance and repair. This is to prevent people from posting service ads in the for sale section. Try not to use these words when posting in the “For Sale Section”.

Could it be time for a new IP address?

If you do a lot of posting from your IP address, I’m talking 100’s of ads a day CL could do one of two things. They could soft block your IP address which means that all the ads you try and post get auto flagged immediately no matter what CL account you try and post from. They can also hard block your IP. When CL does this you will get a notice when you try and log onto their website that says “Your IP has been blocked from access this website”. But don’t worry we can fix this. First you can try unplugging your internet router overnight and see if that resets your IP address. If that doesn’t work you can call your internet service provider and explain to them that you do a lot of business on Craigslist and that you think your IP has been blocked and that you would like them to change your IP address.

I want to promote my website but CL took away the hyperlinks. I think that CL is flagging me for listing my web address in my ads. What should I do?

Everyone wants to promote their websites in their ads. The rumor is that ads with website URL’s in them get flagged more than ads without them. How do we solve this problem? Create a graphic! Create an image or graphic that has your website address on it, your 800 #, your company logo etc. and attach that graphic to every ad! Use a graphic and get more exposure today!